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Unmatched Precision.

Unprecedented Payouts.

With many years of experience in refining dental metal scraps,  we guarantee the most precise and optimal payouts for clients.



j REFINING’s top advantage is “Integrity” with Japanese refining technology. As a result, our customer satisfaction exceeds 98%.



We set the standard for precision in precious-metal refining. We use ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) to determine the precise percentage of precious metals, not like X-ray’s simple analysis. 

Japanese Standard Customer Service

We assign an agent for you. The agent serves you from 1st contact to payment and also quickly correspond to any questions and concerns from you anytime. 



Step 1 - Fill Container

Request a refining kit, then collect and fill container with your precious dental  metal scraps. Scraps less than 2oz. are not acceptable.  

Step 2 - Mail Package

Put the pre-paid, fully insured package in the mail. Once received, we email you with a photo. It takes about 4 weeks for assaying.

Step 3 - Get Paid

With the experience and stability of a world-leading refinery comes a relationship you can trust. By foregoing the “middlemen,” we work directly with you and guarantee the highest payout possible.


“As a dentist I am often visited by a “road buyer” who carries a cheap scale to measure my dental scraps and offered me a few hundred dollars for selling it. But the truth is, my dental scraps really carried much more value than I was thinking. I found j REFINING off internet and decided to give them a try. After my initial contact, I received a secure FedEx package to ship scraps and after short period of time I received a very accurate analysis of the scrap content breakdown. I was very surprised by the value of my scrap.

This company was not only prompt to respond to my questions, but I truly believe that “their work ethics of honesty and integrity” shined through.

In this day of uncertainty and chaos, I am glad to have found a company I can trust and rely on. You would be unwise not to use them as your dental scrap refinery.”

-Michael Shin DDS

“j REFINING is a reliable partner, renowned in the industry for being a trusted refinery. Our lab produces various types of materials such as grinding and casting scraps which differ in shape, size and precious metal content.  j REFINING has kindly returned accurate assay results, quickly enough to meet my expectation. They are also cost effective and provide enhanced environmental controls”

-World Lab USA, Inc., President

“We have tried different options for refining dental scrap, but the monetary returns differed significantly from one to the next. We wanted to partner with a knowledgeable and trustworthy refinery dedicated to the industry.  j REFINING is the most reliable company we have worked with in 30 years of doing business.  j REFINING offers the best returns that we have experienced so far. We have introduced them to many of my friends and business partners, and would like to mention that each one of them was extremely satisfied with the results. Please give j REFINING a try!”

-Cusp Dental Research, Inc. Kimiyo Sawyer, President

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